10 Inquiries to Avoid When Interacting with an Escort

Navigating the world of professional companionship requires a delicate balance of respect, discretion, and understanding. Here are ten questions that are considered inappropriate and should be avoided when engaging with an escort.

Do you have a partner?

Many escorts may have partners, while others may not. This is a very personal topic, and it’s best to wait for the escort to bring it up if they wish to discuss it.

Is your family aware of your profession?

This question is intrusive and inappropriate. Escorts are there to provide companionship and entertainment, not to discuss their personal lives or families.

How many clients do you meet in a day?

This question is considered disrespectful. It’s a privilege to be with an escort; focus on enjoying the moment instead of prying into their schedule.

Can I know your real name?

Most escorts use pseudonyms for their safety and privacy. Asking for their real name can be perceived as crossing a boundary.

Would you go on a date with me for free?

It’s crucial to remember that professional companionship is a service. Blurring the lines between business and personal relationships can lead to misunderstandings.

Can I be your first client of the day?

This seemingly innocent request can be off-putting as it may imply discomfort with the escort’s profession.

Can you send me a selfie?

With numerous platforms available to view escorts’ images, this request can come off as lazy or entitled. Explore the available galleries and social media before making such requests.

What are your rates?

Rates are usually clearly listed on the escort’s profile. Asking this question can give the impression of not having read the profile thoroughly.

Can I have a discount?

This question is considered highly offensive and can potentially lead to being blacklisted. The prices listed are non-negotiable.

Do I have to shower?

Respecting an escort’s wishes regarding hygiene is essential. A shower is a simple request that can significantly impact the overall experience.

Remember, the first interaction sets the tone for the entire encounter. Practicing proper escort etiquette is crucial for a harmonious and enjoyable experience.

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